6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

National Italian American
Sports Hall of Fame

Grand Piazza Ballroom
1431 W Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60607

Mike Adamle inspired us all when he took his diagnosis of dementia and probable chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) public, courageously vowing to set the example of someone continuing to live their best life despite the symptoms of the disease. The Mike Adamle Project: Rise Above is a new initiative created to provide patients living with symptoms of CTE, and their families, with tools, resources, a supportive community, and most importantly, with hope.

On March 1st we will launch this initiative with friends, family, and supporters of the Adamle family and the Concussion Legacy Foundation. We hope to see you there. 

The Mike Adamle Project: Rise Above is a joint initiative with the Concussion Legacy Foundation (CLF). CLF is a nonprofit that has been solving the concussion & CTE crisis through education, policy and research since 2007. This initiative will build on CLF's efforts to provide resources to those living with symptoms of CTE and their loved ones.

The Launch Reception will be held at the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame

Many are aware of Mike's prowess on the dance floor. Don't miss the evening's Dance Showcase, courtesy of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Stay tuned for some special surprises with local celebrities.

A special thanks goes out to George Randazzo for making this event possible.

Tickets for the event are $75. All proceeds to benefit The Mike Adamle Project: Rise Above, a program of the Concussion Legacy Foundation.


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Mike and Kim Adamle

Mike is a former NBC Chicago sportscaster and former running back at Northwestern and for the Chicago Bears. Mike and his wife Kim went public with Mike's dementia diagnosis, which doctors believe is due to CTE. Their choice to publicly fight CTE, driven by a message of hope, is an inspiration to CTE families everywhere.

Read more of Mike and Kim's story here

Mike and Kim appear on
Megyn Kelly TODAY

Mike and Kim Adamle appeared on Megyn Kelly TODAY to discuss Mike's battle with CTE, what they do to combat the disease, and the launch of The Mike Adamle Project: Rise Above.

Watch Mike and Kim's interview on Megyn Kelly TODAY

Advisory Board

A special thanks to the following folks for their advisory role on the project:

Patty Adamle
Gerry Combs
Willie Gault
Peggy Kusinski
Johnny Musso
Eddie Payton
John & Susan Rokasz
Nick & Lynn Buoniconti
Jesse DeSoto
William T. Gibbs
Ray Mancini
Tim Morris
Dan Pompei
Cathy Savage
Bill Conforti
Tregg Duerson
Rae Josephs
Angela & Verg Mathew
Robert & Kimberly Murgatroyd
George Randazzo
Robert Stein
Lissa Druss Christman
Kurt Florian
Louis & Ruth Kraus
Kelley Meningham
Tim Muri
John & Lisa Marie Riggins
Robbie Ventura
Paul & Kathy Wilson

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